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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 27, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and we are very, very happy. that is a wrap! >> we'll so you back here tomorrow, happening now starts right now! and a fox news alert on three developing stories we are following this hour. fox news confirms that president obama will seek to keep 9800 troops in afghanistan after this year. the president will make an announcement shortly from the white house. a dangerous scene in a series of storms moving across the country and the situation could get worse. >> and nigeria's government found the school girls and can't get to them. why? >> but first, brand new developments on obama care and battles over who will pay for the changes it brings. welcome to a new hour of happening now. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee.
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workers in several las vegas casinnos threatening to strike within days over increased costs under obama care, this as the rural hospitals rush to comply with a key man date that could impact the patients. new concerns and long waits for veterans and what they are facing could be commonplace in the country. we have fox team coverage. jim is in the nation's capitol and we'll begin with fox business reporter adam shapiro with the latest. >> reporter: jenna, price increases of 5 and 12 and half percent and caught the act off guard. in the wall street journal, it details the problem that is expected to grow worse. they are appearing in contract negotiations now underway in the united states. 2,000 housekeepers and waiters and union members for instance
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voted to go on strike in las vegas june 1st. unite here which represents 55,000 employees nationwide. and adding 4,000 dependants and raised fees 26 million since 2011. obama care allows children up to the age of 26 to stay on the health care plan of their parents. the contract proposal was rejected that required union members to help cover the expenses. septa estimates the cadillac tax will raise the health care bill $15 million on top of the one fwent million dollars. it imposes a 40 percent tax on individual health plans that cost more than 10, 200 bucks and unions that run their open
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health care plans dropped coverage for part- time workers. they agreed to eliminate health care insurance for part- time workers in order to save benefits for those members with full- time positions. lawyers representing organized labor said increases are lowering wages for some people. >> that is the story to watch. the scandal surrounding medical treatment in the va raising concerns about obama care now. critics say many of the obama care policies have a narrow network of doctors and so patients could also face long wait times for medical care as we have seen in the va. jim is in washington with more on. that>> reporter: you've got it, jim. consumers are wrestling with one of the aspects of obama care. the administration wanted to keep premiums low. but doctors and hospitals were
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limited to those who would accept lower reimbursements. >> they will not see the doctor or hospital they want to go to because the best doctors and hospitals are not in the network. >> reporter: meaning, it will be harder to find and see a doctor that is part of the exchange. with more patients, lines are likely to grow which many argue and consumers will face rationing by waiting just like the veterans administration. >> we are all in the va now. the things that are happening in the va are similar to what are happening and will happen in obama care, because it is the incentives that come with a government- run system. >> reporter: now in obama insurance through private companies and not those on the government payroll, but obama care specified a list of required and expensive benefits and enacted more than 20,000 pages of regulations and all
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urging companies to keep the cost of premiums down and could lead to more patients than the system can handle. >> you have rations by waiting and never having the resources you need to address all of the problems. >> reporter: though it may lead to long waits, it was the key to saving money and holding premiums down. >> the narrow networks that the insurance companies are offering are worth a 25 percent reduction in the premium. >> reporter: there is another factor to keep prices down. there is higher deductibles and something that even veterans do not face, jon? >> also true doctors don't like the reimbursements and many of them are getting ready to leave, all right? >> thank you, jim. >> and many rural hospitals are scrambling to mote an october health records under the health care law.
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it is enforcing hospitals in financial trouble in mergers that some say can hurt the quality of care. we have more from north shore hospital with more on this side of the story, garrett. >> reporter: yeah, jenna, in the last year, 18 rural hospitals have been forced to close in part due to the health care reforms. most doctors agree updating to the new medical record system that will improve care, it is costing millions of dollars. and a lot of money for rural helps that are working on very thin margins. on top of that, under the affordable care act, the federal government is paying health care providers less for treating medicare and medicaid patients. that is a majority of the patients they treat and makes up the majority of the annual process. >> rural hospitals are in trouble. there are more closures of rural
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hospitals in the last year and half than all of the ten years before. >> and a rural hospital closes, it means that those patients have to travel an hour or more to see a doctor. and the doctors say it can be the difference between life-and-death. >> we stand by it here and providing an access to care and if we are not here, it will make it to the stop they need to be at. it is critical we are here and provide that care. >> the national rural health association said it acts as a bell weather and if they are seeing problems now, it is only a matter of time before bigger hospitals and near chicago are going to see the same problems as well, jenna. >> garrett, thank you. >> and a sad and shocking story to tell you about from pakistan. a u.s. doctor was gunned down in front of his family.
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the doctor kama r was visiting a relatives grave and two men shot him close range ten times. he arrived from his home in ohio and volunteering in a hospital in central pakistan. in the meantime tensions are mounting in ukraine. greg is streaming live in eastern ukraine with the latest. greg? >> reporter: we have heard sporatic gunfire and fly overs by the fighter jets but nothing like the full- on clashes we experienced yesterday. we expected the aftermath of that fighting including one of the two trucks hit by ukranian forces yesterday. hundred militants could have been killed in the fighting after they seized the airport and lost it again. rebels seem ready to put up a fight. take a look at what we saw.
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>> this is the last line of defense for the rebel militants. >> reporter: it is said to be held by ukranian security forces in the the separatist headquarters. there is a lot of tires and guns. in fact a spokesman for the militants said that kiev gave them a dead line to get out of the city altogether. the military operation could be finished in hours. so far we have seen no sign of the ukranian military. they would be noot not too far from us. and certainly, we have seen edginess among the militia members. and finally president obama weighing in to the conflict a bit. the white house said he called boris shinko and congratulated him on his victory.
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certainly any help would be appreciated. >> thank you. battle lines for 2016 are being drawn. and a critical factor is women voters. how both pears are trying to fight for the key voting block. >> and an outbreak of extreme weather and a flood in texas, now the nasty weather is on the move. meteorologist janice dean shoes us who is in the path next. >> plus, rapid weight loss plan on the so- called starvation diets. do you think they work in the long- term? live chat is up and running. and go to america's asking and get in on the discussion. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. a fox extreme weather alert now. powerful storms are moving across the country. a flash flood watch in texas now. in houston, streets are washed out after a heavy rainfall and a possible tornado reported in the region and a run off primary election for high- profile races. conditions are not ideal for the voers heading to the polls there. meteorologist janice dean is live for us. >> houston could get battered by strong wind and hail and tornado warnings and potential for
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flooding exist for southeast texas and to lewisville. look at the wall of water that produced a tornado warning. we don't have confirmation. but the rainfall amounts were incredible. west of houston seven inches of rain and more to come. flood advisories are posted and the threat of severe storms continues for texas to lewisville again around houston and dallas and alexand ria and new orleans. we are expecting more heavy rainfall. look at alexand ria. they could get eight inches plus. they need the rainfall but not eight inches in 12 hours. future radar shows you all of the storms that continue through thursday. houston has storms in the forecast for five days and temperatures in the 80s. i also want to point out we have
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threat for severe weather in the northeast. temperatures are going to drop 20 degrees over the next 12 hours in the northeast. there is a cold front moving through and because of that the threat of severe storms and hail and all of the cities east, including new york city. that is an area of concern. we are watching the tropics. this is the first named hurricane. amanda. it is a category 3 storm at this point. it is expected to weaken over the next several days and not affect land. we have to start talking about the tropics. june 1st in the atlantic it is the first day of the hurricane season. >> you are a busy. >> i here checking it out. >> janice dean, meteorologist. >> it is a mouthful. folks in alaska hope the rain in the forecast will stop a wild fire.
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it is a wind- whipped fire 60 miles south of anchor age. 1,000 homes are evacuated and no reports of injuries and damage. a shelter is set up to help those affected. and a california wild fire is affecting a hundred homes. one home is destroyed and that fire is fuelled by hot dry conditions in the golden state and there is no word on what caused. it >> as we look ahead to 2016 a huge shaping up. blue collar moms who are concerned about the economy and our next guest said the gop is working on a new strategy that focuses on winning the votes. juan williams is a fox news analyst. when you look at the vote it is not monolettic. and it can be voted down in separate voting blocks.
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republicans traditionally had a lock on one block. >> women are the majority of voters in all of the presidential elections over the last four cycles. if it was a matter of votes of white women, you would have republicans in the white house every time. but looking at the votes of all women, and especially minority women, you get a different result. that's why you had obama elected twice. in the recent poll done by pugh. there was a plus 12 advantage for republicans in terms of white women going into the midterms. but over all, all women, women of all races it is plus four for the democrats when it comes down to looking at 2016, it is it a battle now with which republicans make the argument especially to the blue collar moms. swing voters. it is more important to fix the
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economy than put a woman in the white house. >> that is geared to a hillary clinton or maybe a elizabeth warren? >> that's right. right now, looking at the polls, mrs. clinton is the number one candidate for the democrats and elizabeth war sen tied with vice-president biden. two out of three you will get a female running on the top of the democratic ticket. the question for republicans, how do you get younger white women who lean to the democrats say it is less important to put a woman in the white house than put money in my own pocket. >> as you point out, there is inner- party fighting and that is normal this time of year among the democrats and joe biden said the economic problems began in the clinton administration. >> exactly right. you get joe biden's whose path
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to the nomination is blocked by the hillary clinton, said recently in a private fundraiser that the economic inequality and the great divide between the rich and poor and squeeze on the middle-class started under the policies of president clinton, and hinting that the economic policies of hillary clinton are going to be a problem. potentially weakening her and then a fight going on with elizabeth warren who is the populate anti- wall street candidate saying that the obama administration chose wall street over the american family and american women. and then tim giethener former secretary on the book tour firing back that elizabeth warren was just playing to the populs a crowd. they can produce economic
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results in identification of republicans saying they are the masters of the economy. it is a fascinating article. there are other issues that you dwelved into as well. juan williams, thank you. >> thank you, jon. continuing the theme of talking about the economy. college graduation season is kicking in high gear. economic consequences could last for years for the young americans. and a disturbed young man going on a rampage in california. more on the victim's families and those who escaped the work of what police call, the work of a madman. and he talked to me and shot at me multiple times and i hadn't ran yet. he did. okay ladies, whenever you're ready. thank you. thank you. i got this. oh, no, i'll get it! let me get it. uh-uh-uh.
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>> a fox news alert and an update on a murder suspect on the run. david smith is in a stand off with a swat team in knoxville, tennessee. there is a picture of smith. smith allegedly is connected to the murder of three individuals in florida. those bodies were discovered yesterday. smith was related to one of the victims. what you are seeing on the screen is new video just in fox. law enforcement warned the public that smith is armed and dangerous and they found him in a stolen car and that's where they are in a stand off. you can see the kaurtains moving. but we know that the talks are occurring as we are on the air.
10:26 am
and want to keep you posted as to what we learned about david smith. jon? >> at least they found him. >> people mourning after a murder spree. vigils were held. the victims parents breaking down. >> we don't want our kids to get hurt. it could happen to any family. the man on the left of the screen george chen was her son and one of elliott rodger's roommates. a third man was killed that was visiting them. rodgers killed three more people and injured 13 others.
10:27 am
>> a graduation season kicking in high gear, millennials are facing mountains of student debt. it is a long-term economic consequence. peter? >> reporter: young people are at a natural disadvantage that makes millennials last hired and first fired. it is a constant when things are good and when things are bad, it is not great for grads. >> in the current rate of growth it will take 3 or 4 years to get back to the market. i don't see policy changes to induce that, but we are in a few years of elevated unemployment. it will be a slog. >> reporter: then the class of 2014 has high loan debt, it is
10:28 am
hard for young people to buy their first home and that is putting a drag on the housing market. we went to senior week to talk to 20 somethings and amid the celebration there was a concern as grads are settling for jobs beneath their education level. >> my sons are going home to work at a restaurant or baby-sitting. something that pays well to move up to a new city. >> i want to be a flight attendant in dealt a. >> is that what you studied? >> no, political science. but i am traveling. >> i would take something for a growth or whatever. >> reporter: so only a fractions of graduates are excited about the jobs they have lined up. and they have a 15.5 percent unemployment rate and many are
10:29 am
realizing that the stability of the campus is gone for a while, jenna. >> thank you. the nigeria government knows the location of hundreds of school girls kidnapped by a vicious group of terrorist who threatened to sell them or marry them off. >> and family of a man beaten to death outside of dodger's stadium and the legal announcement to take up the case. >> president obama expected to lay out his vision of u.s. troop strength going forward in afghanistan including pulling out all combat troops by the end of 2016. we'll bring you the remarks, live. [male vo] inside this bag exists
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new violence in nigeria to tell you b. the terror grope boko haran attacking a military base and police station killing dozens after the nigeria military said it knows the location of 300 school girls abducted by that terror group jennifer griffin has the latest, gen? >> the government of cameron announced it deployed counter terrorism troops to carry out recognizance against boko haran that is holding 274 kidnapped girls. more regional militaries are stepping up to encircle boko ha
10:34 am
ran after the nigeria chief of defense said the nigeria military located the girls. >> the good news for the girls, we know where they are and we cannot tell you. we are working and we will get the girls back. >> reporter: it caught pentagon officials by surprise. it was made in a rally in the nigeria capitol and protestors demanded that the nigeria government do more. >> we want our girls back. >> we can do it. we can do it. but where they were held.
10:35 am
>> reporter: senior defense officials cannot confirm the whereabouts of the missing girls based on the information they gleaned from the surveillance conducted by u.s. predator drones in the region. the president author 80 u.s. air force u.s. personnel to accompany the drones. but there are no plans to stage a rescue with u.s. troops. >> thank you, jenna. jury selection in the case of a san francisco giant's fan who was brutally beaten outside of dodger's stadium. the civil lawsuit is brought to against fred mccort alleging not enough security. stou was nearly killed in the attack and suffers permanent brain damage all of this after two men pled guilty to the crime.
10:36 am
they are serving time behind bars. so one of the saddest stories we have covered. this poor man dpz to opening day. it is baseball and goes to the opening game of the enemy team. he was a san francisco fan and a verbal altercation as they are leaving the stadium and a guy chases after him and hit him on the blind side and he cracks his head open and now he's brain damage. is the team responsible for that? >> there is a depend case if you look at allegations. allegations are in addition to having half price off beer for the whole game, they cut down on security and they let security lapse and the parking lots are not well lit and it took 10-15 minutes for security to come and as you say be part and break up the altercation. >> put it another way, i agree.
10:37 am
if they were on notice there were previous problems, and in other words, there was a prior situation and they didn't properly respond that is part. 15 minutes, it depends whether his injuries were worsen by the delay. and for the team, it is it a harder case. the individuals do 8 and 4 years in prison and that forecloses them. >> the criminal side of it is over. >> but then a different owner of the dodgers that is worth noting. >> and they will argue on the other side. there was an assumption of risk. you waive your right and assume the risk that it is going to be crazy. but i don't think anyone would be the assumption of risk is beaten up in a dark parking lot. what if brian stow was the first one to say something. >> i am glad you said something.
10:38 am
if he was the aggressor and not showing respect of what happened. it is terrible. that will change the liability landscape. >> criminality is decided and they must have been aggressors or why would they have pled guilty. >> i am talking about the verbal side. what if he was the first one to open his mouth. >> again, i think a lysse is right because they pled in they of the crime. >> another strange case out of utah. a 15 year old kid was convicted of two counts of armed robbery after going in a home with three buddies and trying to steal drugs. they didn't get away with much. but the kid got a 15 year sentence from the judge. and now the father is saying 15 years is way too much.
10:39 am
and this kid, cooper, should be resentenced. how does something like this happen? his attorney thought he had a plea deal. >> it is an tricky angle of the law. in new york, generally you make a plea agreement and it is subject to court approval. and if the court doesn't approve it, you will get the plea back. and here in utah. you plead guilty and you will receive a lenient sentence and end up with a job who sand bags it. >> and the attorney apparently thought he would get 180 days and he went in the school and check in the local jail and instead he is in solitary confinement. and the prosecutor didn't renege. and the judge is not listening and that legally, and i know it is a harsh sentence under utah law. it is a legal sentence. >> think about it.
10:40 am
you talk about a guy who got eight years for leaving a man damaged. and this kid is getting 15 years and stole $10 and i am not sure he did. his three compatriots got the cell phone. >> he took the people in the basement and they had guns and must have been harrowing for them. >> and more people are incarcerated, 2.4 million up from 300,000 in $0.19 and the point is, you come up with antidote after antidote. it is six times more serious and so this kid. i think he's 16 to get 15 years on this is crazy. >> and it will go back and somehow correct it in my opinion. >> it is it a scared straight scenario. and they go back. and that is graphic said 1- 15 years and that was interesting and the point is, he is eligible
10:41 am
and we don't know all of the details. i am a new york law. and he got 1- 15 and he's eligible for parole. >> the father said he was not carrying a gun and guilty and armed. >> it is it a harsh sentence and maybe the dad needs to keep a better eye. >> and that is. doug burns, thank you both. >> and don, can you lose ten pounds in less than a week. starvation diets and exercise. and we'll dig into that a bit. and what police say a man was doing driving through the tunnel that caused a major crash. >> and it is the craziest thing i have heard. and you know tis it a serious business driving and there is a lot that can happen and you need to pay attention. it shouldn't happen at all.
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hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. coming occupant real story. sg does the gop need a new contract for america. they are trying to bring the party together before the midterms. all eyes on the president as he makes a major announcement this hour about troop levels in afghanistan. and how about a hundred bucks in cash? no strings attached. and millionaire paying it forward. we'll tell you how to get your hands on it. i will be listening all at the top of the hour.
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terrible car crash in oregon to tell you about. a 19-year-old driver was holding his breath driving through a tunnel and that caused him to faint. his car drifted over the centerline and crashed head-on to the suv. we are not sure why he held his breath. maybe a game or superstition. one seriously was hurt. the driver now faces charges included reckless driving. >> and rapid weight loss or starvation diets may, may work for some people. researchers put 15 healthy and overweight men and drastically cut theirical rows and they did 45 minutes on the arm pedalling machine and walked eight hours and only allowed ten minute
10:47 am
breaks and a liquid diet. each man lost 11 pounds over the four days, but more significantly those same men were five pounds lighter. joining susdr. ron noy. and marticka hener exercise doctor. >> and doctor, why do you feel skeptical about these results? >> any time that you are going to do something as a crash over four days and lose weight rapidly. you have to be carefully. if you are not healthy you can't handle it. if you were diabetic it could cause harm. >> do you feel the same way, mar techa. >> obese people on lowical row diets, they have done it under
10:48 am
medical supervision and you have to be careful. they were drinking sugar drinks or protein drinks which are missing out on new trieps. >> what is interesting is the long- term affects. doctor, i know you have treated olympics athletes at the highest level. and researchers are saying listen, in a month they lost two more pounds of fat and in a year less heavy than at the start of the study. can shocking your system get your body anything in the right direction? >> even the guys are suspicious of that. they think they may have gotten in better habits and didn't eat as much and exercise more. >> when you survive after a liquid diet and exercise you make it through. >> this is only 15 men.
10:49 am
does gender matter here and how so? >> we see gender weight loss. but the eight hours a day that they did of exercise, it was not high intensity exercise. and not running a marathon. they were just walking and strolling the countryside in europe. >> and we have, we don't have enough studies showing us that exercise can produce dramatic effects but we can. when we diet, hopefully not so drastically we include exercise as part of the program. >> in general when people want to lose weight. the big take away is eat less. >> for this weekend, i will do a liquid fast and get my body back on track. is that a bad or good idea when you get your body in a different habits?
10:50 am
>> i think exercise is more important than reducing theical rows. you will probably lose more weight and maintain it. and then you will again it back. >> mar techa? >> and the important thing about the study that may have contributed to the long- and bou get, motivation for some fast weight loss. it's not necessarily healthy, but you do get inspired. so that may have made the men exercise more over time. >> seeing those results right away, being encouraged that, hey, i lost 11 pounds. a little bit was muscle mass and a little was water weight -- >> in the study, they also preferentially lost a lot of belly fat. that happens with exercise alone. you can go on an exercise program and not lose weight but lose a lot of fat, including belly fat. that's what helps our metabolic
10:51 am
profiles with diabetes risk. exercise is underrated and we need to be going more of it. >> thank you both so much. this controversial id law now in full effect. how voters heading to the polls are dealing with the change. t! [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!"
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texas voters heading to the polls today to settle some high-profiles run-offs as voters also deal with a controversial new id law that went into effect last summer. casey stegall has the story. >> for every person heading to the polls, they have to show a valid government-issued photo id. that is a new requirement under the relatively new texas voter id law that was just enacted in june. some 30 other states now have similar requirements.
10:55 am
but getting that id is not always easy. take this woman's story for example. 92-year-old ruby barber has been voting for 70 years, rarely missing an election. however, her driver's license expired. and when she recently went to get a new one here in texas, she didn't have a birth certificate so they wouldn't renew it. without it, she could not cast her ballot today in person. >> you just feel like your rights have been snatched away from you. and that's not right. we're citizens of the united states. that's not right. i've been here 92 years. i feel like i'm a citizen. >> you've earned it? >> i feel like i've earned it. >> after raising enough of a stink, state officials were able to dig through census records from the 40s to verify her identity. so she was finally issued an id. now, proponents of this law say
10:56 am
this is just a rare snafu and requiring people to show a current photo id helps combat voter fraud. they also point out that people over the age of 65 can vote by absentee ballot with no id. but ms. ruby wants to do it like she's done all these years and cast that ballot in person, something she will be able to do today because of her fight. >> congratulations to ruby barb barber. what a character. >> right. >> casey stegall, thank you. it wasn't even made by a player on the field. one lucky fan snags his wayward bat. who made the grab? and we're awaiting the president's comments on our future role in afghanistan. the president expected to say he wants all u.s. troops out of the country by the end of 2016. we'll take you live to the white house for the very latest.
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11:00 am
stand-off with a s.w.a.t. team in knoxville, tennessee. he was the one that was wanted in connection to a triple murder of three people in florida. this is news breaking out over the weekend. but now apparently in custody after this standoff. hopefully all is well. >> we hope. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. we start with a fox news alert today because president obama revealing his plans for ending the war in afghanistan and bringing our troops home. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome today to "the real story." the president set to deliver that statement on a drawdown from the rose garden in about 45 minutes from now. we'll bring it to you live. fox news learning that he wants to leave 9,800 troops in afghanistan f a the end of the combat mission there this year. about a third of what we have now. and bring the remaining forces home by the time he leaves office in twikt. wendell goler live from the


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